3X TorrentBD Invitation Giveway

Dear Fellows,

I’m extremely sorry for who have requested for torrentbd invitation before.
But today i can give 3 invitation.
who needs it please comment below. i will count first 3 of them.
for others please don’t get disappointed the TechjunkiesBD family team will organize more invitation further.

Comment: Yes , I need. then your email address and then I Love TJBD.

Note: please don’t comment who got before. give scope for newbies and please don’t try to take for twice. otherwise they may ban your ip.


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Yes, I need.
[email protected]
I Love TJBD.

Yes, I need.
[email protected]


Please check your email including spam/junk.

Please check your email including spam/junk…

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Yes , I need.

[email protected]


Please check your email including spam/junk….

Closed Now.

Hope to help you soon.

Stay connected with Techjunkiesbd :heart:

Got it! Thanks vaiya <3

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Got it… thanks a lot bhaia.
but I’m facing some issue…I tried to answer all the questions. but they mentioned as wrong answer.
Can you help me out from this questions please.

  1. What is ratio.
    2.What is the minimum ratio.
  2. How do you seed after downloading.
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Ratio means the ratio of upload and download.
Minimum ratio is 0.50 on torrentbd.

After downloading you need to keep the files on your device. Don’t delete them. It will auto seed.

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thanks i choose those option…idk why they mentioned as wrong answer.
can u tell me the ans of third question?

I’m little bit worry right now because this is my last attempt.

Edited my previous comment.
Take a look.

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yeah i saw…and the last question is…
Which torrent sites have u used so far?

is it okay?

Which Torrent Client can u see use in torrentBd?

utorrent or bittorrent (which one should i select?)

It’s okay if you select 1337x.
Try not to choose chd4.

qBittorrent is allowed on torrentbd .
Please choose only this option.
Other torrent clients are not allowed.

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I appreciate your patience. Thank you so much. You just made my day.

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thank you.

stay connected.

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