Any photography paid course available for free?

I have been trying out the recent Udemy coupon applied courses, but all of them seem to have expired.
Please help me with one, I need it urgently. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, there’s no such coupon available for a well-rated photography course for now. So do regularly check this thread until a good one is available.
You may also choose one from Skillshare & drop that link here. I’ll try to provide the whole course file in 24-72 hours.

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Thanks brother for your kind reply. Now, sorry if I am being dull if you share course files, it isn’t possible for me to gain a certificate on is it? However can you share this course

Brother, I basically needed a course certificate as well. Can this be attained from by any means?

I got you, bro. But as we mentioned earlier, we’ve NO Control over the certification process.

All we can suggest is to whether

  • wait till the coupon arrives & learn from the provided course files


  • purchase 'em from those platforms.

Anyway, here is your requested course file.
Have a nice day!

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