Can anyone help me to get an EDU Mail?

I really need an edu mail for educational purpose. If anyone knows how to get one please let me know.
Jajhakallahu Khoir

For exactly what purpose do you need it? I mean storage issues, office365, or anything else?

I will mainly use it for …

  • MS office 365
  • Github Developer Student Account
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Free Online Educational Courses
  • Free Softwares for Students
  • Graphic design tools access

It’s for my team actually. Everyone has a purpose of their own. We’ll share with each other. That’s all. If you can plz help. Thnx

@jubayer.prantor try this link of sky university…use google translator.

I have already tried this link bruh… It doesn’t work… Onedrive shows something open wrong… 365 shows the same problem… try for yourself

Check your inbox. Use it for temporary purposes.

@jubayer.prantor i have made one for you…check your mailbox… And give a feedback here.

Doesn’t work. Check message…

Let me check plz… Thanks btw

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