Daily Udemy Free Courses - #170

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Complete Guide to Pinterest & Pinterest Growth 20213A6E557A02A43BFB8C9F

Create a Members Only Blog using PHP, MySQL, & AJAXYOUACCEL32056

Microsoft Excel - Learn MS EXCEL For DATA Analysis3D27696E91A95E9702F4

JavaScript for Beginners - The Complete introduction to JSB470DDF52C47F905F0A8

Complete Photography Masterclass: 4 courses in 1PHOTO4NOV2021

How to Generate Leads for Sales BeginnersFREEFOR5

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Beginners CertificationYOUACCEL32056

Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS) FundamentalsYOUACCEL32056

Complete Payroll Management in Excel &TALLY ERP9 &TallyPrimePAYROLLNOV10

Advanced Usage Of Excel Vlookup,Hlookup,Index,Match & MoreVLOOKNOV10

Affiliate Marketing Unlocked - Simple Steps to Success3BE0C14449C86E99F290

Microsoft SQL Server Development for EveryoneMSSQL_FREE_NOV

Advanced Strategies to Secure Better UpWork ClientsUP_FREE_NOV

Modern PHP Web Development w/ MySQL, GitHub & HerokuPHP_FREE_NOV

Learn to Code in Python 3: Programming beginner to advancedPYTHON_FREE_NOV

Selenium in C# - Setup Simple Test Automation FrameworkSEL_C_FREE_NOV

Learn ASP.Net MVC and Entity Framework (Database First)ASPNET_FREE_NOV

GoF Design Patterns - Complete Course with Java ExamplesGOF_FREE_NOV

Webservices API Testing with Postman - Complete GuideWEB_TEST_FREE_NOV

Java Collections Framework + Generics, Lambdas & Stream APIJCF_FREE_NOV

Master Multithreading - Concurrency with Java ExamplesMULT_FREE_NOV

Complete Javascript & jQuery Course with Bonus Vue JS IntroJS_FREE_NOV

C# Console and Windows Forms Development with LINQ & ADO.NETCSHARP_FREE_NOV

WebServices testing (RestAssured + Postman) Complete GuidePOSTMAN_FREE_NOV

How to Get UpWork Clients (2020 And Beyond)UPGET_FREE_NOV

MySQL Database Development MasteryMYSQL_FREE_NOV

CSS And Javascript Crash Course7E523FFA023BF8239FDA

Mastering The InterviewNOV-2021

Python And Flask Framework Complete Course906D79373B25BBF083F3

English vocabulary: Learn more than 200 words for beginnersD3386F761ADF6FF948A7

Java Programming: Complete Beginner to Advanced794D9536FC937DF3 CourseCoupon

English Tenses Structures : Upgrade your Understanding80F5C04FEAE9F3723C50

Increase Motivation with Hypnosis Programming143816FE86B066A9C6C1

Learn English Phonics for beginnersF9C93D056C001C6C09D5

Voice Assistant with Python - Alexa Clone7A72055E32237CE867DF

Media Training: Look Your Best-Get the Exact Quotes You WantAC1BBD20DFB6762D40C5

Public Speaking: You Can be a Great Speaker within 24 Hours256CA2E985F23A018B12

Interviewing Skills for Jobs: Ace the Job Interview5150CB0136C96D673ECF

Acting course - tools of acting9D81E4A77875B16A1708

The Customer Service ToolboxTOOLBOX21OCT

100% Over the Shoulder Facebook Ads from the Ground Up62ED1F4CDE55B29F2BEB

Improve Your Business Productivity with Google Suite Apps100OFFGSUITE

How Much Cost Your Work? Budget All Your GOALS.0FFA35438D6A46DC9181

Swot Analysis A-Z ™: Ultimate Leadership Skills in SwotE6177FD9A86C749F78ACMastering The Complete Agile Scrum Master Workshop9AFB5FBA166471E83ABD

Capital Market Fundamentals4646ABC2E3DC5F6F432E

Self-Discipline: Build Habits & Develop a Growth MindsetC743D5F7A7A20E3576E2

Global Air Logistics Management in Supply Chain ManagementADARSH_AIRFREE

Project Management: Cost & Schedule Monitoring using EVMEVM4NOV

Focus Mastery: Focus 100% On Your Goals & Kill Distractions2B5C58B841C5DED95A7B