[Daily] Websites you should try #01

Introduction to this series:
Every day we use some common websites like social media and obviously GOOGLE. But there are a lot of cool websites which you should know about. These are super cool and very useful. I personally use those websites and I thought of sharing my experiences with you. I will try to write a review of a website everyday Insha Allah and I hope you will enjoy the series.

Let’s get started.

Today I’m going to share a website that will help you to protect yourself from viruses. And It is VirusTotal .
As the subtitle of the website suggests, it analyzes suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware. You can upload a file to scan it for free. Let me give you an example:

You will see a homepage like this

I will check a malicious link (Oviously not sharing the link here :smiley: ) . And the result is :

That’s it. I hope you will find the website useful. Vsit Tech Junkies Bd tomorrow for another part of “Websites you should try”. Till then stay safe.

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