[Daily] Websites you should try #03

Sociistic Gadgets

Meditation & Instant Stress Relief

It is one of the most useful meditation sites, which is mostly FREE to use(also with a paid version available). By using the free version, you can improve your concentration for sound sleep & get a long-term stress relief treatment using different libraries( with or without guiding voice). Even out of their guidance, you can set a timer with your own preferences.

The Quiet Place Project
For instant stress relief, this is definitely a perfect alternative of the paid software. Though this site is limited with only 2 types of tools, but still, the 90-seconds-meditation tool will surely put an efficient impact on decreasing all the social media anxieties & stress.

Pixel Thoughts
It’s a unique website, totally different from the previous one’s. The interesting fact is, rather than using analytical statistics & different libraries like other sites, it uses only one tool with a 60-second treatment in all situations. This short-term meditation is also quite helpful for clearing your mind.

Rainy Mood
If you’re a monsoon lover, then this site is definitely for you. Here you can also control the thunder falls, birds chirping & create a virtual environment completely FREE of cost. This site can improve your sleep condition & duration even without any type of login issues.

Relaxing Snow
If you hate rainfall, then this might be a perfect alternative for you. This website can improve your sleep through relaxing music & a calm scenario of snowfall. & again , free of cost & without any type of login issues.


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