Duolingo Plus GiveAway 2.0

Hi! If you need Duolingo Plus, Inform me why you exactly need this. I will select first 3 mails! Thanks


Taking the IELTS test for higer studies. Badly needed the app.

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I need your mail address

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I love learning new languages. Learned Spanish via Duolingo before, will try Japanese.
Though I’ll gladly keep space for anyone who needs a plus account more than me.
mail: [email protected]

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I want to study abroad , so I need to learn English at first to advanced level for IELTS . I also want to learn German & Spanish as an advantage for higher studies. I’m also developing my skills as much as I can keeping that motive ahead. So it’ll be a great help for me if I get the premium version of Duolingo. My Spanish lessons are also ongoing there.
Mail: [email protected]

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I want to learn the English and Arabic languages at an advanced level. I would be glad if you could give me the premium version of Duolingo. Thanks in advance.
Email: [email protected]

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email: [email protected]

Thanks everyone for Response!

vaiya mail done? :slightly_smiling_face: Actually, didn’t find any such emails in my inbox :sweat_smile:

Ekhono na
Grame achi to😅. Kalke dibo


I want to learn English & Arabic Language. My mail address is: [email protected]

Want to use it to increase English Proficiency for IELTS test later this year.