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What is Chegg?
Chegg is a very popular site to students/educators around the world. They have solutions to almost evey popular textbook of all subjects plus millions of expert question & answers available 24/7. Subscribers can ask for assignment help, step-by-step math solving, writing/grammer checking help.

Ways to get chegg answers free
Altough chegg is a very useful website, many people can’t use it since chegg costs 14.95 $ per month. So, today I will discuss some way how to get chegg solutions for free.

Bangladeshi Forum
If you are Bangladeshi, you are in luck. There is two public forum in Bangladesh where you can get free chegg answers.

  1. TechJunkiesBD (
    It is a public group for tech enthusiast people. You can sign up for a free account and post your chegg question link in the chegg thread (Request Chegg solutions here). You will get the solution in reply very soon.
  2. TorrentBD (
    It is a private tracker of torrent. They also have a decent forum with helpful people. You can post your chegg question link in the chegg thread and a member will give you the solution as soon as possible.
    Join their facebook group (Facebook Groups) to apply for an account and then you are good to go.

You can find chegg textbook solutios in this site. Expert Q&A is not available.
Search your book, find the problem and download the solution.
2.There are several sites where you can post the chegg question link along with your email. They will give the solution via email within 30 minutes to 2 hour.
Get Chegg Answers for Free 2021! Unblur Chegg Answers Links Online!
Get Chegg Answers for Free! Unblur Chegg Answer Links Online 2021
Get Free Chegg answer 2021 | Unblur Chegg Answer Online - TechPanga
FREE Chegg Answers & Solutions 2021 - Unblur Chegg Questions Online
Get Chegg Answers for Free! Unblur Chegg Answer Links Online 2021
Go to the site, there will be a form to post chegg question link and email. Fill up the form and submit it.

Social Media Community

  1. Facebook Group
    Many facebook groups provide free chegg solutions for the members.
    Search these keyword (chegg solution/chegg study/chegg help/free chegg solution) in group category of facebook to find such groups.
  2. Subreddit
    There is a popular subreddit for chegg answers. Join there and post your question. Active members will help you to unlock the solution.
    Use Pastebin to post chegg question because reddit doesn’t allow chegg links.
  3. Discord Server
    Discord chegg bot is another way to get free chegg solutions. Discord bot takes the chegg question link and returns the answer via reply/DM/Email in seconds. Although members are normally charged for discord bot subscription, the service gets opened to free users from time-to-time. You can join the discord server to avail the chance to use discord bot free when the service becomes open to all for a limited time.
    Sample server-
    Academic Tyrant
    Homework Answers
    Answers Exchange
    Answers Exchange
    Smoky Chicken 2.0
  4. Telegram Channel
    You can also use telegram bot to get chegg answers for free. Post the chegg question link in channel and bot will bring the answers instantly.
    Sample Channel-
    Telegram: Contact @CheggsByTnt

Free Alternative

  1. StudyLib (
    Completely free with ads, you can search any questions in the big search bar. It also shows similar answers related to your search term automatically, so you don’t need to waste time waiting to get your answers. A wide variety of subjects are covered in Studylib including Math, Science, Finance, History, and more.
  2. Quizlet (
    Quizlet has a huge collection of textbook solutions. It’s a paid service but you can simply create a 30 day premium account following the given steps.
    **Create a free account (tick I am ateacher option)
    **In settings, you will get a referel link.
    **Using this link, create another free account (again tick I am a teacher option) with temp mail
    **You will get 30 days quizlet plus premium in your main account

Cheap Alternative

  1. Bartleby (
    Bartleby is a similar service like chegg. You can unlimited textbook solution and expert q&a at monthly cost 9.99$ which is 5$ less then chegg study subscription. Besides, you can ask 30 question per month which is 10 more than chegg.

Chegg Trial
Chegg offers a chegg study trial subscription but it is not completely free. If you buy a textbook/textbook solution/etextbook from chegg store, you will get a 28 day chegg study trial subscription worth 14.95 $. So, instead of buying a standard subscription, buy a etextbook (starting from 6.99 $) from chegg to get a chegg study subscription at half of standard price.

Chegg Discount
Chegg offers 10 $ off to chegg study pack (19.95 $) and 5 $ off to chegg study (14.95 $) subscription for new customers. So, instead of buying/renewing at standard price, sign up with a new email at chegg. After 2/3 hour, you will get a email from chegg with discount link. Follow that link and redeem the discount.

Chegg Cracked Account
Many crackers sell chegg premium account in their telegram channel. They often organize a free giveaway where you can get a chegg account. You can search in telegram with these keyword “hacker/cracker/blackhatcracker/darkweb/hackingtricks” to find these channel. Remember, there are real crackers as well as scammers, so proceed with caution.


ভাইয়া, সরি, কিন্তু এখনকার মোটামুটি সব ওয়েবসাইট / ডিসকর্ড ট্রাই করছি, নো রিপ্লাই, ৫ ঘন্টার উপরে হচ্ছে।

ভাইয়া, এটা অনেকটা রিসার্চ আর্টিকেলের মতো, চেগ সলিউশন পাওয়ার উপায়গুলা ব্যাখ্যা করেছি, সেগুলা যে সবসময় কাজ করবে এমনটা নয়।
আপনার সলিউশন দরকার হলে এই টপিকে পোস্ট করুন।
ইন্সট্যান্ট সলিউশন দরকার হলে কোন ডিসকর্ড চেগ সার্ভারের সাবস্ক্রিপশন নিতে পারেন। (মাসে ২ ডলার)

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