Get $1750 Notion Credits for FREE (30 Years Worth of Credits)


Redeem At:

Use coupon code STARTUP1000P666 for $1000 CREDITS

To redeem:

Log into your account

Go to Settings & Members

Go to Billing, select Upgrade (I chose Personal Pro) and enter the code STARTUP1000P666

You need to enter a card to checkout.

You can also apply the coupon code: ADALOVELACE for an EXTRA $500 CREDITS! (Not working anymore)

***Another hack for Notion: Once you get all your credit, upgrade to Team Plan, then add code: HAPPYHOUR, get another $250 in credits. Then you can downgrade to Personal Pro :wink:


ki kaje lage eita vai??? :thinking: :thinking:

গুগল করুন ভাই। কোল্যাবোরেশন টুল মেইনলি

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How to get credit card to use at Notion?

ভাই, হচ্ছে না। Coupon Code বসানো যায় না। আসতেছে, “Have a Coupon Code?” Tap করলে, বলতেছে General Form আর কাজ করে না। Typeform দিয়ে করতে। কিন্তু Typeform হয়ই তো না।


এরকম Apply আসে না।

@whyMASHFIQUEwhy I need your help.

Coupon patched by Notion. Not working anymore :pleading_face:

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