[Get] Free Amazon Prime Account

Tools.surf is providing free access to primevideo.com through their extension.

here is the premium plan coupon for them:

steps to get it:
→ Register your account at https://app.tools.surf {Use gmail}
→ Confirm your account.
→ then go to this link https://app.tools.surf/order/60816e019b61b53c40a90cfe?coupon=KYWZSP6YDCLDWKP {Coupon added}
→ click on pay. no payment required.

Watch their tutorial to add chrome extension.


Thanks a lot, bhaiya :heart: Got it!

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How about Netflix, Zee5 or something else?

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coupon not working anymore

maybe expired…it was working yesterday though

Bro invalid coupon code . Pls resolve

It’s expired. Look for the new post
By the way, welcome to this forum @NIRBHAY_CHAUHAN

Bro where is new post . Pls share link here

Click on ≡ icon on the top right corner of your window. Then you will find all the categories, as, here you will find the new posts and your unreed post’s also .