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Do you know that you can use Disposable Phone Numbers as like temporary mails?

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Now a days many websites ask some form of verification from us when we going to create accounts . Well some kinds of basic verification are putting an email, captcha, Honeypot, Picture conspicuous confirmation and many more. The websites ask this kind of verification from you to confirm that you’re a human. But some other websites are pretty more conscious about their security and so they ask for some advance type of verification by requiring you to enter more personal information like a name, address or zip code. Another method to try and identify you are a legitimate user is phone verification which usually comes in the form of an SMS message with a code sent to your mobile phone. But not everyone can or wants to hand over their own phone number as SMS spamming is quite a matter of concern now days and it is one’s sensitive information. To get rid of this kinds of problem you should always try to use alternative ways to signup either by using temporary mails or temporary virtual numbers.

What Virtual Number is?

Virtual Number is nothing but a normal phone number. But it is not operated from a physical device rather it’s operated from cloud on some cloud servers. There are Virtual Numbers from a huge number of different countries like USA, UK, Canada, Spain, India, France, Germany and etc. Now you are provably thinking aren’t there any Virtual Numbers available from Bangladesh? Well the answer is yes, Virtual Number is also available on Bangladesh.

What SMS Verification is ?

SMS verification is a common way to add a second form of verification to apps or websites . Phone SMS verification service helps to verify a user’s identity by sending a text message to their mobile devices . The message typically sends some-digit code, which users need to enter into the system to verify their identity. You’ve probably experienced this yourself when logging in to Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Quora and other services. Now there comes a question, is SMS Verification safe? it’s clear that hackers are growing more sophisticated every day; even small amounts of information can be used to hijack mobile phones, spoof user identities, and access accounts. So, to answer the question: no, SMS authentication is not entirely secure on today’s world. In fact, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) formally advised against the use of SMS authentication in 2016. While they have since amended their statement, the vulnerability that SMS authentication poses is still significant.

Free SMS for Verification

There are a lot of websites that want us to provide our phone numbers. But as we know that not every website is trustworthy so we cannot trust every website as they can be spamming website or they can sell their clients information to a third party institute. Besides sometime we fall into that kind of situation that we just have to use a website for a one time use and we do not want to use our personal number for a onetime using things which can be vulnerable for us. In that kinds of situation it can be good for us not to use our own phone number rather to use virtual numbers. Virtual Numbers give us the opportunity to get Free SMS to Verify ourselves on almost every kinds of website.

Free Phone Number for Verification

Now you might thinking about how to get the Virtual Free Numbers, mightn’t you?

Well, now a days there’s a lot of websites available for that kind of service but not every of them are working well and secure. Finding the bests website for this service is quite a difficult tasks now a days as numbers is not as easy as to get temporary mails. But don’t worry, here I am providing some of them which are currently working finely (don’t know about future as the servers are against of google privacy policy they may remove from Google search engine or the servers can be down too). :slightly_smiling_face: .
But you have to keep in mind that the SMS remains on this kinds of servers for up to 24 hours, so others who get access the same virtual number can watch your verifications, but that’s actually not a big deal i guess.

However the websites are:








  8. [use this for getting Bangladeshi Virtual NUmber] :cowboy_hat_face:

Final tip :
Use Virtual Numbers for getting sms for those sites which you need to use once or twice but don’t use them for creating your personal facebook, twitter, amazon or any other accounts as you cannot get those number by your ownership. Remember that they are being using by multiple people.


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