Govt. plans 5G for Dhaka this year by early 2022


When 4G first arrived in Bangladesh 1-2 years ago, everybody was skeptical of this phenomenon. Today, everyone is reaping its benefits. Now comes the advent of 5G; The fifth-generation (5G) technology for broadband cellular networks, which will be launched in Bangladesh by early 2022.


Even if 5G network is launched on ‘Digital Bangladesh Day’, not all mobile phone operators will be able to provide services everywhere.

Initially, 5G will be available at important installations in some areas of the capital.

Only state-owned mobile phone operator Teletalk is getting the opportunity to launch a 5G network in the country first.

The operator will launch the service at 200 important sites or towers next year after a few special installations in Dhaka.


By 2022, the government would arrange an auction for the 5G spectrum for other operators in 2022 and other private operators will also be able to launch 5G.

Confirming the matter, Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar said that first of all, it is planned to launch 5G in some important national installations.

These installations include the House of Bengal [Bongo-Bhavan], People’s House [Gono-Bhavan], National Parliament, Prime Minister’s Office, Secretariat, and Dhanmondi 32.

Apart from this…

It is being considered to launch this service in Tungipara and central Shaheed Minar area of ​​Dhaka, it has not been finalized yet.

At present, there are 14 mobile phone manufacturing factories in the country, he said, adding that all the companies have the capacity to manufacture 5G phones.

Entrepreneurs of these companies have said that they will make 5G phones in time.

“We are very optimistic about this.”

In this regard, Zakaria Shahid, general secretary of BMPIA, an organization of mobile phone manufacturers, says that if 5G service is introduced in the country, mobile phone manufacturers will also start making such phones.

According to the latest data, some factories are expected to start production of 5G phones next year.


It is expected that there will not be much difference in price between 4G and 5G mobiles.

Everyone in our ecosystem must come forward as partners and make sure that the affordability and accessibility of 5G are aligned properly. It is good news for us that the government is planning to embrace it. 5G will indeed change the way we think about technology consumption.