Grammarly Cookie Trick

  1. Install the Grammarly plugin for Office Word.
  2. Search Google for “Grammarly cookies”. You can use this site: Grammarly Premium Account and SEO Marketing tools free 2021 (
  3. Login using the cookies. You have to install Cookie-Editor extension from the chrome store.

4.Clear all previous cookies using the extension and then import cookies from the mentioned website. Refresh the page and you’ll get in.
5. Open Office Word, click on open Grammarly. It will ask you to log in (or open your default browser). Then you will be logged in to Grammarly in MS Office.

Whenever you need to check something, use office word for that. Grammarly cookies tend to expire (or people log out) quickly, and you get logged out into the browser. But once logged into the office, it won’t log out even if you log out from the browser.

P.s: DON’T EVER LOG OUT FROM THE ACCOUNT. If you do, all the people who are using will get logged out too.


But I think it’s quite easier on Google Docs.

You’ll get logged out of the account in Google Docs if the cookie expires (and only use the free features then). With Microsoft, you’ll manage to juice out the account a bit longer.

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