Help me to change username

How to change username? Isn’t there any way to change username? I’m pretty sure I had seen the option of changing username in the marked section of the attached picture but can’t find it anymore. :expressionless:

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I think for now need to reach Regular(3) level.

Why was it available before? I thought i will think of a nice username and change it later. But it’s gone. So is there a demotion system?

Here is account I just created to test the fact.
First username:

Then I changed it to test2

So does this mean a beginner has more abilities than someone who has been here for quite long? How the system is working? Explain plz

You can change your username 3 times, which you did. That’s the reason why you can’t change your username right now. Lemme help you, tell me your desired username. I’ll change it on behalf of you. Thanks

I find it funny that I changed my username more than 3 times maybe 5 times with this account… Is it a bug or something? :sweat_smile:

Plz change it to V3G3TA
thanks Btw

It’s fine from our side. I’ll flag it as a bug. Thank you for finding this out & I changed your username.

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Thank you vai… Always helpful… :blush: You can close this topic now.

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