How to find any specific udemy course for free?

Most often, here is this forum, there are plenty of requests for asking some particular udemy courses randomly. But, unfortunately, in most of those cases, we are unable to provide a solution as we DO NOT have any control over the availability of a particular course coupon. So, I thought of making a thread on this topic.

How these coupons are provided?

These coupons provided each day on this forum are available for a very short time ( around 1-3 days) & can ONLY be authorized by the course instructor. The fact is, these coupons are provided to some limited sources, you can gather them or can directly access them from the thread of @kbtonmoy vaiya. You can enroll in as many courses as you want ( I’m also currently enrolled in 200+ courses :stuck_out_tongue: ) & enjoy lifetime access!

How to find a particular course for yourself?

  • Process 1 [Torrent] : This is the easiest process to download your specific course files, simply by searching in torrent sites (such as torrentbd, piratebay,crazyhd etc) , ONLY if you have got a torrent account. There are plenty of udemy course files available on torrentsites. So, you can just search by the course name & download!

  • Process 2 [Google]: This one is the most popular process to find a coupon/downloadable file for a specific udemy course. Just

  1. open your udemy course window,
  2. copy the course name,
  3. paste it in your browser,
  4. add “freecoursesite” &
  5. simply tap the “search” button.