How to Get Free LYNDA Membership - Valid for 2 Years!

  1. VPN For Safety ( USE ANY FREE VPN, if you are able to use AUS Server, that would be great)
  2. Visit and click on Catalogue login ( On the top right )

  1. On the Login Page, Click on Register, it will take you to this link:
  2. Click on " BECOME A MEMBER "

  1. You’ll be redirected to this website:
  2. Now open this website on another tab:-

  1. On Register Form, Enter your details:
    Username, Password, Name (can be your name).etc
    8.IMPORTANT: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO :white_check_mark: TICK the box under I Live In Queensland IF YOU FORGOT THIS, YOU won’t BE ABLE TO CREATE THE ACCOUNT. ( That’s what I have found )*

  1. On Residential Address Search: Make sure when you enter the address from the random address generator site, it should automatically show some random address through the dropdown.

    CHOOSE ANY ADDRESS from the list.
  2. on the Email ID section: ENTER YOUR EMAIL ID, avoid using a randomly generated one if you do not want to lose the random email ID, it’s better to use your own email ID here.
  3. Click on Submit.

  1. You’ll receive an email and a confirmation message on the next page, saying that your account is created in Queensland library blah blah blah.
  2. Now visit this link:
    Scroll down and click on OFFSITE AND NEW TO LYNDA.COM and follow the steps given on it.

  1. After following all steps correctly, you’ll able to create the Lynda account.
  2. Now Once you successfully create the account, you don’t have to use the State Library link to log into your account, Just directly go to and log in by entering your email ID and Password.


(As of now, this method is not working anymore)


There is nothing shows like you mentioned in step 12
12. Scroll down and click on OFFSITE AND NEW TO [LYNDA.COM]

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yeah, same prob. Couldn’t find that option.

Sorry, I checked again and it’s not working. I got an account a few days back following the method.
I am removing this thread.


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