How to get into a random website? (Or maybe why?!)

BROWSING”, is a term, we are familiar with since we have learned to use the internet. In our day-to-day life, we often keep browsing with or without any specific reason on different platforms. Like scrolling newsfeeds on Facebook, random videos on Youtube, or other kinds of stuff on the torrentsites. But have we ever taken to any random website just for hanging in there( or maybe wasting time during boredom :3 ) ?

So, today I am going to talk about the kind of sites you did not even know about their existence before. Without any further description , let us just dig into it!

Pre-caution: At this point, if you expect that after reading this article , you will be able to find some kinda hidden treasure on the internet (like pirated courses, movies or some sort of hacking tools) , then let me clear this thing at first, We are NOT gonna DO THAT here. For those, check it out.

Should we take you to those random websites?
As I mentioned earlier, these sites are completely for those who have enough time in their schedule (like me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) to pass their boredom. DO NOT keep any huge expectations before entering those while proceeding further. You might experience some funny, sad or weird stuffs ( or might not get what the hell is going on) . While moving on, you can also suddenly figure out what you are doing here? or WHY?
& yes, exactly that is the point, YOU’RE DOING NOTHING.

Here is a glimpse of those random site generators:

Or, if you are looking for some specific sites, then here is a shortlist from my opinion:

  1. Zen-zone
  2. Hacker-typer
  3. Strobe Illusion
  4. Hooooooooo
  5. Pointer
  6. Mondrian and me
  7. PAP
  8. Jackson Pollock
  9. Every Day Im
  10. Scroll-O-Meter

There are thousands of similar sites o take you in! I have never been gone through all of them, but if you ever complete them, do let me know about your feedback. [ You will be notified through a surprise message if you could ever visit every site in any generator ]

Why do these websites exist?
In short & easy words, they exist because they are weird.
As simple as the answer goes to the question,
Why do we scroll Facebook newsfeed without knowing what is coming down?
We often waste a huge amount of time going through social media, but have we ever thought do these platforms are really making us cheerful? Despite the debate of being addicted, we still get triggered to scroll down or watch more and more. The simple algorithm of these random sites works most similar to those. It may make you face some awkward or interesting situations or also may redirect you to another site, that you have not anticipated before.

Are all of these really USELESS?
This is a relative question to be very honest. Actually, it depends.
But according to my opinion, NOT ALL OF THEM are.
If you follow from that point of view, these sites are not gonna enhance your skills or knowledge or redirect you to some particular pieces of stuff you want, then yes, these random websites might seem to be pretty much useless(still you can make a 100$ per month, here’s the process :wink:) .
BUT, at the same time, it is true that these are surely gonna change your mood. Like making you smile a bit by reducing your boredom or depression ( or maybe by making you more depressed :3 ) at the end of the day. In this epidemic situation, domestic anxiety along with mental depression have been boosted like not ever before. These random sites can also be proven effective in calming your mind through meditation, but not in a formal way. You will find an orthodox solution here.

Final Tip: The usage of underrated and unknown sites often put a question mark on the issue of user privacy. DO NOT download any unrecognized ( or setup file-like .exe) from these sites. This may lead you to crucial security issues or data leakage. Remember, each and every random site generator is not trusted ( except the ones that are mentioned above). There might also rise a critical issue of being addicted to those sites. Hopefully, the readers of this platform are sophisticated enough to differentiate between curiosity and addiction.