How To Use Bins For Creating Free Premium Accounts | Get Started with TJBD!

If you are pro at carding & bins staff than you can avoid this topic . Also you can help me to add more things here.

Things I covered in this post are:

  1. What is bins?

  2. How to get free bins from Tech Junkies BD just by visiting?

  3. How to use bins on any site.

  4. why to use bins.

  5. How you can make fake credit cards from Bins?

  6. How to create bins(in debt guideline)?

  7. Find more extra bins for working on multiple sites

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What is bins?

BIN stands for “Bank Identification Number ”It refers to the initial sequence of four to six numbers that appears on a credit card. The number is used to identify the card’s issuing bank or other financial institution.

The BIN (or bank identification code) is a numbering convention developed to identify which particular institution issued a given credit card or other bank card, and what type of institution it is. It’s essentially the bank’s calling card; each card-issuing bank has a unique BIN.

let’s look at the full set of numbers on the front of a typical bank card. This numbering system applies to credit/charge cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and certain electronic benefit cards. For the purposes of this article, we lump them all together under the blanket term “payment card.”


In this picture, the first six digits are traditionally called the Bank Identification Number. It’s becoming more common, however, to use the term Issuer Identification Number, or IIN. This reflects an increasing number of non-bank institutions who opt into the BIN network. However, the terms IIN and BIN can be used more or less interchangeably. But the BIN number can vary between four and six digits.

How to get free bins from Tech Junkies BD just by visiting?

On Tech Junkies BD there is a thread about the New working bins available on present time. Just visit this thread, everyday new working bins will be uploaded on the comment section of this post. :grinning:

How to use bins on any site.
You can avail the free trails of almost every popular websites by using bins. But for that you need to know some kinds of things like as :

  • Generating credit cards with bins

  • Check the active status of that credit card

  • Finding the expiry date and cvv/cvv2/pin

  • How to add bin credit cards on your desire website & many more.

I have discussed everything here except the procedure of adding credit cards on website because you may be professional at that topic then me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grin:

why to use bins?

The BIN helps merchants evaluate and assess their payment card transactions . The number allows merchants to accept multiple forms of payment and allows transactions to be processed faster. But many of us do not have the credit cards for buying premium activities from our desire/needing websites(spotify, deezer, tidal, scribd, grammarly, crunchyroll, many vpn, youtube premium & many more), besides sometimes many of us (students, unemployed, middle class family members) can not bear the expenses of the premium facilities every month/time. So in that situation we can use bins to avail the free trail of that premium facilities. We need to create a different account with our mail every different time if we want to avail the free trail again and again because companies offers free trail one user for only one time. So sometimes we need to use temp mails and numbers. If you don’t know what temp number is and how to get them then you can visit this.

How you can make/generate fake credit cards from Bins? And how to check live status?

There are many websites to generate credit cards from bins. We have mentioned few websites below.

Just Paste The BIN(in the BIN box) and click on Generate Cards on namso.ccgen & namso-gen . Sometimes you also need to specify the expiry date too, the date will be included on the bins that will be shared in this thread.


After generating the credit card you need to check the live activity of this card via mrchecker. Follow the below steps…

then scroll down a little bit you will find the live bins shows as it


Use these credit card information to avail the free trails.

How to create bins(in debt guideline)?
Before we start we should know one thing, there are two types of trial CC Verification in Premium Accounts trial.

The first one is the Validity Check Trial.
→ This type of trial just checks CC EXP CVV Validation and starts your trial
→ Very Very easy to bypass their verification
→ Eg. Tidal

The second one is the Authorisation Hold trial.

→ This type of trial makes an authorization hold on the card for 1 USD.
→ It also has a verification system to verify the cardholder’s name if the card is VBV.
→ Eg. Netflix

For Finding a bin you need the following things Needed before starting Work

  • Hardworking & Patience

  • CC Generator like namso.ccgen & namso-gen(we disscused on previous topic)

  • CC Checker as mrchecker(we disscused before)

  • Good Internet connection

  • VPN (Premium suggested)

Now if you want to find a bin for the second type of Premium Accounts you should follow the following:-
Step 1: Go to Country/BANK to BIN websites like
Step 2: Choose Any Country you want (Mainly Low secured countries like OMAN, UAE and etc)
Step 3: Choose Small Banks (They are less secured)
Step 4: Choose one BIN of Debit card (not credit)
Step 5: Generate CC with it
Step 6: Check with it
Step 7: Get lives one
Step 8: Test it
Step 9: Start from Step 2 again till you get working one

For type 1 Trials:
Choose the USA, CAPITAL ONE Mastercards.

  1. Choose one BIN of Debit level card (not credit)

  2. Generate CC with it

  3. Check with it

  4. Get lives one

  5. Test it

Do Again and again till you get working one :slightly_smiling_face:
Don’t forget to change your IP to the CC Countries IP .But if you are lazy enough then this thread is for you . :grinning:

Find more extra bins for working on multiple sites

This is a secret tip :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
STEP 1: go to

STEP 2: Then pick a bin and generate the ccs from or any other gen
STEP 3: Then connect vpn to usa and GO TO
And put generated cc as a payment if approved then you got MULTIFUNCTIONAL bin for multi sites :cowboy_hat_face: :nerd_face: :grinning:

NOTE:You can always check the new bins here. Bit that dosen’t mean they will work always as the most known websites patch the bins within one or two hour. So always look forward to the new bins that are being shared within two-five hours.
Last but not least give a like it inspires the writer lot. :grin: