Introducing Dark Mode on Tech Junkies Forum

Today we’re launching dark mode, a new feature that darkens the Tech Junkies BD Forum, interface across the app & website. We’ve also heard though, that the white background can be too bright when they’re winding down with the topics & PM’s

So we’re giving members around the world the option to flip the forum to dark mode, which can be easier on the eyes, better for nighttime browsing, and in some cases, helpful with battery life too.

To enable dark mode, go to your device’s top right corner & then toggle the dark mode option. The app will follow your device’s theme by default.

This feature is launching globally now on the latest versions of the forum. Hope you like it.

Thanks <3


You are awesome. Nice initiatives. :v:

It gets bright white bground on PM. i can’t see messages clearly. can you please fix this? After all thanks for dark mode.

Dhurr Bhai, Moja niyen na -_-

@kbtonmoy Check this out

@whyMASHFIQUEwhy bro i don’t know how! but its good now. but not for all messages.

this is for sample.

On it. will be fixed soon InShaAllah

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In Sha Allah. Hope it will be good

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On mobilephone thers a problem about finding the feature text as they are also in black color text, the background and the texts mixed with each other.

Sorry bhai. I was a bit busy. Please let me know the issues. If possible, give me a list. I will fix one by one in shaa Allah

Pera nai, Colour scheme niye pera lagteche, Oitar karon ei jhamela. Upor er comment gulo check koren.

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Good to see now…thanks