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Why Not Coaching Center:
We are modern-day people. We have all the resources available on the internet. We have YouTube. Having all these things surrounding me, I felt that investing money for coaching Won’t be a good idea as I should pay smart money for IELTS registration as well. Managing time for the coaching center was a big deal too.

Mock Test:
Take the mock test at home. Take as many as possible. The result of mock from any coaching will demotivate you.

I gave one mock and got only 5. But 500 was a loss project! so I didn’t rely on coaching center mock anymore.

Guidance for Starting Preparation:
If you are ready to jump off for IELTS, start it by reading. Whatever you find in English, read it, understand it. Read One/two news daily from English newspaper. Try to get the meaning. Don’t be rush while reading. Read slowly and understand it properly

Memorizing the only vocabulary is the dumbest idea ever for IELTS prep. So don’t ruin valuable time by chasing for it. If you just give a bit of effort to the reading module, you can grasp a good number of vocabs automatically.

For me the reading module was a nightmare. I was getting 5/5.5 at the beginning of my preparation. Later followed some tricks and created my own tricks as well. It will be suicidal if you start reading the passage first. You must try to read the question first. If fill in the blank contains more points, it will be wise to answer them first. For head matching, read the small passage first. Correct 100% from passage 1, 90% from passage 2, then 6.5/7 band will be pretty easy for you.

Maybe I am the only candidate ever in IELTS who hadn’t practiced a single writing essay before a real exam. I just downloaded 10/12 band 8/9 essays and read them thoroughly, the sentence pattern, the structures. These helped me a lot because my writing module was the worst still I have ended up getting 6.5!

Speaking test is not only a cue card test. Many of us actually run after memorizing cue card topics! The speaking test starts right after entering the test room. Try to be naive. Don’t feel nervous at any cost. A smiley face means a lot. Try to expand answers and make stories.

Completed 1/2 full-length listening test daily. Worked hard on the weak points (My weak points were diagram and MCQ-type questions).

The more you practice the better outcome you will get. Ted Talk videos on YouTube helped me a lot to understand different types of accents. Section 1 and 4 is easy to get full marks.

Writing Task Two:
Many people think that film is a less important form of art rather than literature and paintings. To what extent you agree or disagree with this statement.

Cue Card Topic:
A foreign country, why you like it, what we can learn, how to learn a foreign country

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