Mega Premium Account Needed

Can anyone please share premium account for 2-3days? I only need it to download few important files. I will be very grateful. It will help me a lot. Please!!!

You can try to mirror the files by telegram bot. Telegram: Contact @GdriveMirrorCloud. If the files are not confidential it is a great solution. You can try mega to google drive via colab method. There are tutorials available in Youtube.

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I also need Mega premium account. Mega to Google drive via colab is limited to 5GB…have to repeat the process over and over, it’s very annoying.

Tried Mega to Colab. After a while GPU stops. And doesn’t work. Anyway, I found a script, that bypasses the import limit. Thank You!

I used this method to bypass. Its working. Try this method.

Use TemperMonkey Extension and create new script, delete previous code, paste above code, then press ctrl+s