Need a Office 2010 product activation key/ Safe Activator

I need to activate my Office 2010. I am not sure if free activation keys are available, or I need to buy them. I also came to know that some activators are available as well.
Please suggest to me what to do, if anyone is selling activation keys I would avail of that too.
God bless.

If your office is volume edition, you can try this

It’s a silent activator, all you have to do is double click it and nothing else.
Note-Antivirus must be turned off

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Thanks. It worked like a charm… do I need to uninstall this app afterward or something?

It activated office for 180 days. For Every time windows start, the 180 days countdown will be reset. So if you keep the software, office will be activated for unlimited time. So, choice is yours.

  1. Keep the file for forever activation
  2. Delete it. After 180 days, download it again and repeat the process

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