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Before you start reading I want to ask you 2 Question -:

  1. Are you already familiar with Pinterest?
  2. Do you want to drive more Traffic on your Website?

If yes, then I think you should read this article. I know you’re thinking umm It looks interesting but why should I read this Article and who are you?

Okay let me answer your Question, You should read this Article because in this article I will share with you the most comprehensive Pinterest SEO Secret or Course whatever you prefer to say available on the internet.

Are you kidding Man? Nope, I’m not yeah it’s true I think it’s the best Pinterest SEO Course I’ve ever taken.

Okay, But what’s the name of this Course and Who is the Author?

Course Name :- Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets By ANASTASIA BLOGGER

You can also check out this course by clicking here -: Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets

Maybe you’re wondering why this Course is so special?

Don’t panic Man! I’ll clear all of your confusion in this Article.

Okay let me ask you a Question “What Makes A Pinterest SEO Course Great?” I know you can’t answer this Question. Don’t panic! Let me answer it by Myself.

I think, Almost every author wants to make their Courses Great but only a few can do that and the Happiest thing is that ANASTASIA is one of them Who is the Author of this Course.

Wait man ! But you didn’t answer this Question “What Makes A Pinterest SEO Course Great?”

Okay let me answer, I think if a Course has these Qualities then the Course should be considered as a Great Course.

  • Thoughtful and methodical design
  • Interactive, collaborative environment
  • The three pillars of student learning
  • Accommodate a variety of learners
  • Careful pacing

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And the lovely thing is this Course has all the Qualities a Great Course should have.

Now it’s time talk about what you’ll get inside the Course -:

This Course Has Total 10 Modules :-

Module 1. Setting Up Pinterest Account :

Learn the foundational settings you don’t want to miss as a business account owner on Pinterest. Each one of these steps are essential for every new account and can affect the results of all your future efforts on Pinterest.

Module 2. Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :

The key factor of your success on Pinterest is marketing on this platform not like on a social media but like on a search engine. In this module you’ll go from the basics of understanding how search engine optimization on Pinterest works, to all the methods of keyword research that are available on the platform. Also, get all the detailed instructions on how to optimize your entire account – the profile, the boards, the pins and even your website for the best SEO performance on Pinterest.

Module 3. Pinterest Boards :

Understand how you should organize the boards on your profile and how to make your profile look professional with board covers. Learn all you need to know about group boards, whether or not you should be using them, and how.

Module 4. The Best Ways to Check your Pinterest Analytics :

Analytics is often neglected because of all the stats and terms, and numbers may seem confusing and complicated. But if you want to allocate your efforts to the things that really matter and are efficient, you need to know how to read and interpret your analytics. In this module, you will learn how to read Pinterest native analytics and how to track Pinterest traffic in your Google Analytics tool.

Module 5. Manual Pinning Technique :

When you are starting on Pinterest, the best way to learn all ins and outs of the platform is to publish pins manually. Learn all the methods of creating pins manually on Pinterest, the recommended best practices for this year, and even more importantly – learn what you should not do on Pinterest to keep your account safe.

Module 6. How to Design Pins that Stand Out :

About 50% of your results on Pinterest depend on the design of your pins. Users on this platform are attracted to things that are visually appealing, this is why “ugly” pins don’t have a chance to become popular. The design of your pins will also affect the amount of traffic you get from Pinterest (you don’t want to get just vanity numbers like impressions of your pins, you want the clicks, right?). Learn how to create click-worthy pins in various design tools from Canva to Adobe Spark and Photoshop.

Module 7. Tailwind Tutorial – How to Schedule Pins Efficiently :

The biggest challenge for most businesses on Pinterest is that you have to save multiple pins, and you have to do it daily. It’s hard to be consistent if you do it all manually. When your account grows and the amount of pinning gets higher, you will want to use an authorized scheduling tool to save time. Learn how to use additional tools like Tailwind Communities and Smartloop.

Tailwind is not just a scheduler for Pinterest, it also has a wide range of additional analytics that you can use to learn more about the efficiency of your account on Pinterest. You will learn all about analytics on Tailwind as well.

Module 8. How to Create Video Pins :

As video pins are a relatively new format, Pinterest gives priority distribution to video pins. Learn what are the requirements for video files to upload on Pinterest and how to create them using various tools including Canva, Adobe Spark, and Wave.Video.

Understand the advantages but also the downsides of the video pins and how you can do your best to minimize those downsides.

Module 9. Pinterest for eCommerce :

Over the last year, Pinterest has done a lot to attract more e-commerce businesses and show them the benefits of the platform. They’ve fine-tuned the interface many times to help eCommerce websites get better results and more traffic from Pinterest. Most of the eCommerce businesses don’t use Pinterest at the maximum capacity. This module will give the best tips specific to eCommerce sites and highlight their typical mistakes on Pinterest.

Module 10. Bonus! My Top Secrets and Pinterest Hacks :

This is exactly the reason why you always want to learn from someone who has years of experience on the platform. The devil is in the details, right? Get my best discoveries for fast results on Pinterest, and things that I learned from working with hundreds of students and clients. Some highlights of this module:-

  • How to make people save more from your website;
  • Which niches work best on Pinterest;
  • The best types of content that can go viral on Pinterest and more!

By The End Of This Course You’ll Also Learn The Tricks How The Author Got Over 300,000 Pageviews/Mo Of FREE Pinterest Traffic To Her Website!

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