Requesting for solving a python program

Is there anyone who can help me add some features on my mp3 player using python3 programming?

I need that before 10 September 2021(10 am)

I have given a project but I couldn’t solve it properly after trying a lot o time.

If anyone can then solve the problem on my code…

What to solve : You have to add working next song(forward) and previous song(backward) radio button, a working volume slider & a playtime tracker(have to be use to pulling the music forward and backward)…That’s it.

But one thing is that you have do that with only tkinter, pygame library. Can’t use any advance library. And please do comment on lines.

The source code where you have to add the features is:

Bro i can but i can do with Java(core)

I am not used to java. And The University is teaching us python right now. So I have to do it with python3.