Text-only Facebook, Messenger and Discover

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Many of you have been hearing lately that Facebook or Grameenphone is running for free. Yep! You have heard it right.

Grameenphone has launched free “Text-Only Facebook” and “Discover” features in partnership with Facebook’s parent company - Meta, as a result of this new connection. Grameenphone will work to expand the digital communication system in Bangladesh by increasing the connectivity, availability, and people’s desire for digital technology in the country.

This is a service through which some of the benefits of the internet can be availed for free.

  • Free Facebook
  • Free messenger
  • Free Discover

Discover is basically another feature of Facebook. Discover features can be used in the Android app or through the website. Using this Discover app or website, Grameenphone subscribers will be able to use 15 MB of internet daily for free and up to 150MB a month. When using free data, only text and icons can be seen in the Discover app, which allows 15 MB of data to be used for a long time.

In addition, Grameenphone subscribers will be able to enjoy the necessary resources, such as educational sites, educational information, job news, etc. through these products.


What is Text-Only Facebook?

What is Grameenphone’s joint venture with Meta’s free text-only Facebook? A large number of Facebook users across the country will benefit from this “text-only Facebook” service. From now on, all Grameenphone users will be able to use Facebook and Messenger for free.

In the case of this free Facebook and Messenger, no pictures or videos will be seen, but only text. This free Facebook facility can be used after the limited data and pay-as-you-go quota. This feature of using free text-only Facebook will be called Facebook AutoFlex.

On the other hand, through the Discover app, various important websites can be used without pictures or videos.

Grameenphone will help promote more digital inclusion in Bangladesh through supporting connectivity, ensuring accessibility, and advancing the country’s digital aspirations, according to a press release.


This is useful for specially students and for all others also. Facebook and GP wants to connect more peoples. And wants to make sure Internet for all. Really very good initiative. Very appreciated😌

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