Udemy Limitation

Hi there! I’ve a bit of confusion regarding enrolling in the Udemy courses from the giveaway.
My question is if I enroll in more than 10 courses at a time or my total number of enrolled courses crosses a certain number (using the gift coupons from the open giveaways at 100% discount) , can Udemy spot this type of activities as ‘suspicious’? Will it put any negative impact on my account status or may I get banned or something like that ?
I hope I could explain what I mean to know. Kindly suggest me a way out in these cases.

Not at all. I’m currently enrolled in 450+ courses! Everything seems fine after 2.5 years and counting. You’re good to go.


Hello @Soumya_Saha . Let me explain how the coupon works.

These coupons are provided by the Course author himself/herself. We don’t perform any illegal activity to bring those coupons. Even you can search on Google to get a coupon code. You may also have seen that people ask us to provide a coupon for a specific course but we are unable to do so. Because we don’t have any control over it. It completely depends on the author of that course. So there may raise another question that why the authors do so? Actually, They wanted to increase the number of the students of their course. It is a kind of marketing you can say.

We just provide the collection of coupons that are available for the time being. We put a notice on top of every post that anytime the coupons may expire as we don’t know the exact time limit of a coupon.

So, Don’t be scared to enroll in too many courses as it is a 100% legal process. There’s is no chance of getting banned unless you do any Hunky Funky with their security system.

Stay safe and Keep Learning :wink:


Thanks a lot, @kbtonmoy for the brief explanation :two_hearts: Actually, I wasn’t aware of the process, so I was a bit confused …though it’s all clear now.

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