Youtube Premium Redeem Code giveaway - anyone interested?

Friends, I have some Youtube Premium redeem code (3 Month) from discord campaign. It is valid for 1st time youtube premium members. Those who already tried premium need new account to redeem this code.

If you need this code, first comment here. Then inbox me your gmail+password. I will redeem the code to your account.

Note 1: Valid payment method is needed to redeem the code. Bins don’t work here. I’ll use personal card details which I can’t share. That’s why I asked you to give access of your account so that I can redeem

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I need it. I have inboxed.

Check your account


@Bourne please check inbox

Update- Topic is opened again. You can comment now

Due to a problem in my payment settings, I had to close this topic now. Sorry for any inconvenience.
I can still give you the redeem code, but I can’t redeem that now. Sorry again

I need it🙆🏼
gmail and password kothai inbox korbo??

Bhaia pawa jabe? Inbox korbo? :pleading_face::pleading_face:

bro, amar user profile e click korle message option paben. sheta click kore inbox korun

yes pawa jabe
inbox korun

Check account


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Bro done
check your account


bumping this topic <3